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How it works

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We introduce REAL people to your profile. REAL people ENGAGE.



You provision your account with your TikTok username. You authenticate your account during our sign up process.



Pick specific hashtags that relate to your ideal target audience. Choose tags that are trending or tags that you use regularly.



Start creating great content and use your TikTok account as normal. Let TokGrowth do the rest.



TokGrowth runs 24/7 in the background seeking out users that are most likely to follow your profile and engage with the content that you upload.

Quality AND Quantity

What Makes TokGrowth The Best?

1. Advanced Algorithm

Our proven TikTok growth techniques are forever updating. We of all people know that what worked yesterday isn’t going to work tomorrow, that’s why we are constantly improving and updating our techniques and algorithms to ensure TokGrowth clients have the edge over all other TikTok creators.

2. Automated Results

Once you have completed the sign up process, everything is handled by us (except of course the awesome content you need to continue creating). You focus on creating awesome video content, and we will focus on what we do best, boosting your follower count and engagement!

3. Explosive Growth

Legitimate and explosive growth means that you will have real, engaged and authentic follower growth. Your fame will grow, you too can be TikTok famous!


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